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How it started

As a Genealogist I am highly self-motivated and energized by solving problems. When I handle a clients project, I take full responsibility and ownership over the work. I operate ethically and within professional genealogical standards. My communication style with clients is clear, empathetic, and honest. My background in science has proven invaluable when performing genetic genealogy research.  I take pride in using modern tools to dig up insights.

For the past seventeen years Genealogy has been my obsession. Building trees and solving family mysteries was something that I did during my vacations and spare time. It’s over these years that I became an efficient researcher. It’s also during these years that I earned my Bachelor of Science degree and became a Registered Nurse. For many years I worked around the geriatric population in skilled nursing facilities and in their homes. And it’s here that I enjoyed hearing their stories, and loved staring into the black and white portraits they had hung on their walls. But it was the experiences I had as a Palliative Care Nurse, watching the process of death and dying, that deepened my desire to be in further service to others. Genealogy and Genetic research became a tool to help me cope from the personal loss of my father, as well as dealing with the loss of many of my patients.

Every person I found, every tree I completed, every story that was retold, every picture that was restored, took on life again. Not only did the life story of ancestors become whole and complete once more, but so did the heart of the living. An inquiry into ones past is a way to understand oneself better by understanding the people who came before. It’s also a way to honor your ancestor’s life and legacy by bringing their story into the present. For me, every project I do for a client is a privilege.

Thank you for entrusting me with your family history.



Your questions, my expertise: Let me problem solve for you!

John Dalberg Acton

History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul.

Experienced, Conscientious,  Client Focused. Ask me to solve your ancestral inquiries. 

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