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As Gingas Do Maculusso: A Girl Band That Celebrates Angolan Culture

As Gingas Do Maculusso is a girl band from Angola that was formed in 1983 in the Maculusso neighborhood of Luanda. The group consists of Celma Miguel, Gersy Pegado, Georgina Stela, Maria João Paula Daniela and Patrícia Faria. They sing in traditional and modern styles, blending Angolan rhythms with pop, jazz, soul and funk influences. They have released several albums, such as Mbanza Luanda, Malanje-Natureza & Ritmos, Xiyami, Muenhu Luachimo and O Melhor das Gingas do Maculusso.

The group was created by Rosa Roque, who coordinated a project called Avilupa Kuimbila that aimed to promote Angolan culture and music among children. The group debuted on a radio show for kids on Rádio Nacional de Angola. Since then, they have performed in various national and international events, such as the Luanda Jazz Festival, the Festa da Música and the Expo 98 in Lisbon. They have also collaborated with other artists, such as Paulo Flores, Bonga, Waldemar Bastos and Yuri da Cunha.


The group has won several awards, such as the Prémio de Melhor Grupo de Música Moderna/Tradicional at the 2020 Prémios Globo Zap, which recognizes the best Angolan artists in different categories. They have also been praised by critics and fans for their vocal harmonies, their musical diversity and their positive messages. As Gingas Do Maculusso are considered one of the most successful and influential girl bands in Angola and in Africa.

If you want to listen to some of their songs, you can check out their Spotify album O Melhor das Gingas do Maculusso, which features some of their greatest hits. You can also watch their live performance on YouTube, where they showcase their energy and charisma on stage.

As Gingas Do Maculusso are more than just a girl band. They are a cultural phenomenon that celebrates the richness and diversity of Angolan music and culture. They are an inspiration for many young girls who want to pursue their dreams and express themselves through art.


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